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Algerian Standoff Raises Security Jitters for Multinationals

Our discussion with FOX Business on how our Global Security Service could have helped in the Deadly Standoff in Algeria. Cedric Leighton, former deputy training director at the National Security Agency calls us a "Good Investment"

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Android StreetSafe App now expands the availability to over 1800+ devices.

PeopleGuard LLC has released a new version of their Android StreetSafe App that now expands the availability to over 1800+ devices. The major improvements include improved performance with Android 4.0 (both ICS and Jelly Bean OS versions), advanced location services for cities and battery life improvements.


Now available for BlackBerry 7 along with BlackBerry 5 and 6 devices.

"In addition to being available to more consumers, it also makes our corporate plans more accessible to companies who wish to protect their employees," said Tom Rissman - CEO PeopleGuard.


Tom Rissman - CEO PeopleGuard, shares with ABC 7 Chicago News how StreetSafe can help students stay safe.

College students are particularly vulnerable to crime. Many of them are living on their own for the first time, meeting new people, and getting used to unfamiliar surroundings. It's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of campus life and not pay as much attention as you should to personal safety.

Financial Technology Spotlight - Can a mobile phone keep you safe on the go?

"People think 911 can instantly track where a cell phone is, and that's not the case," said Tom Rissman - CEO PeopleGuard. "It can take up to six minutes for the police to track a phone because they need to get permission (to do so). If someone is in our system, we have them on GPS and don't need to get permission to track it, so it's instant."



Global corporate solutions

We work in conjunction with corporate security teams and local/international law enforcement to ensure that our client's safety is always the top priority.

Our global solution has three key components:

  • StreetSafe Global
    Personal Alarm System on your smartphone

  • StreetSafe Crisis Center
    Real-time monitoring center with live assistance

  • StreetSafe GuardianNet
    Global Emergency tracking portal
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industry Solutions

StreetSafe Global Corporate Solutions provide instant help at your fingertips any time you feel uneasy or unsafe.

The new global economy presents unique security challenges that require the right expertise and timely response.

PeopleGuard can provide custom industry specific solutions for personal security that are flexible and affordable.

We serve a broad spectrum of industries including, global multinationals, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

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technology leadership

PeopleGuard invests in technology and development to ensure that the latest advances in mobile devices and global positioning systems work seamlessly to get help to you fast during any situation.

Our patent pending advancement in communications and backup systems ensure that we can track you even if you lose data services on your phone. Our self healing data centers ensure our services never go down.

Our solutions benefit both employees as well as corporate security departments, arming them with the latest state-of-the-art location technology.

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Peopleguard is prepared to handle any situation

You need emergency assistance

An emergency can happen at anytime and anywhere.

Someone begins following you

You are walking in an unfamiliar area and someone begins following you.

You are in an unfamiliar city on business

You're traveling in a new
city and have become
lost or disoriented.

You are walking alone at night

You are in a dark parking lot walking alone, but nothing has happened yet.